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You can obtain CD's of the background music by Steve McDonald used on this web site by permission.  CD's are available at www.stevemcdonaldfanclub.com

Steve Steve Steve Steve Steve Steve's latest

Narration by:

Peter MacDonald, past Resident Director of Armadale Gardens & Museum of the Isles

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Entering the Highlands: The beginning of the Armadale video explains the transition going from the lowlands to the Highlands, jouneying from Loch Lomond, up through Rannoch Moor into Glencoe.  Narration by Peter MacDonald, past Resident Director of the Museum of the Isles, Armadale gardens, and Armadale castle ruins on the 20,000 acres owed by the Clan Donald Lands Trust.  The background music is Steve McDonald singing his composition "Scotland the Brave"and "Loch Lomond". Used by permission.

Click on the second segment of the Armadale video to the right of the main screen to view just the segment about Glencoe. Narrator Peter MacDonald explains the "spirited existence" of the MacIains of Glencoe and shows us the locations of the Massacre of Glencoe including the Henderson Stone and Eileen Mundie.  The music begins with the MacDonald Pipe Band of Pittsburgh playing "Cruel Was the Day" and then Steve McDonald's composition "Pain".

Keppoch Lands: Click on the third screen down on the right of the main screen to view just the Keppoch segment of the Armadale video.  Narrator Peter MacDonald shows us the inside and out of the ancient wee chapel "Cille Choirill" where there is an ornately carved stone paying tribute to the famous Keppoch Bard Iain Lom.  Peter also tells us the story behind the "Well of the Heads." Background music is Steve McDonald's composition "Per Mare Per Terras".

Glengarry: Click on the 4th clip to the right of the main screen to go directly to the portion of the Armadale video about the Glengarry. Peter MacDonald shows us the ruins of Invergarry castle, the Glengarry itself and Culloden moor.  Music is Steve McDonald's tribute to  "The Celtic Warrior" and the battles in which our ancestors fought and died.

Clanranald Lands:   On the 5th clip down Peter MacDonald takes us first to Glenfinnen and the monument erected by Alexander Macdonald of Glenaladale.  The Highland bell outside the Glenfinnen chapel is traditionally rung once upon entering the Highlands.   Peter then shows us castle Tirum ruins and gives the account of this impotant Clanranald stronghold.    Background music is from Steve McDonald's "Wild Mountain Thyme".

Over the Sea to Skye: The final and 6th clip of the Armadale video is of the Sleat peninsula of the Isle of Skye where lies the Armadale castle ruins, the last 20,000 acres of Clan Donald lands, and the Museum of the Isles.  Peter MacDonald was in the midst of construction of the Museum of the Isles when the video was compiled so the artifacts displayed now have a home where they may be properly preserved.  Peter takes us for a tour of the Gardens of Armadale Castle and appeals for the funds necessary for the preservation of these precious artifacts.  Background music begins with the the MacDonald Pipe Band of Pittsburgh playing the "Skye Boat Song" and then Steve McDonald's "Come to the Isle of Skye" beckons us all to come home.








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